The necklace

We read the Junie B. Jones story where she loses her first tooth in May, before either lil had lost a tooth.  They were instantly fascinated, not by the money that came from the tooth fairy, but by the tooth-shaped necklace that Junie got to carry her tooth around in when she lost her tooth at school.  Woo and Goose thought that was the coolest thing EVER, but didn’t actually believe that this cool necklace could exist.

As luck would have it, a boy in their class lost his tooth at school that week, and, much to their surprise, he got a necklace.  When Woo saw this, he became focussed, jiggling his one loose tooth only on Monday through Thursdays; hoping that he would lose it at school.  Sadly for him it came out at home and he missed out on the necklace. His next few teeth fell out over the summer, where there was no hope of a necklace, so we all pretty much forgot about it.

Forgot, that is, until Goose lost her first tooth at school a few weeks ago.  She was so pleased with that little necklace.  As soon as Woo saw it, he became a boy obsessed.  He had one wiggly tooth left, and he was desperate to lose at school now.  Woo started wiggling it all the time, a fact that was not lost on his teacher.  Woo started coming home with helpful tips on a fairly regular basis, all of which were attributed to his teacher. Some of my favourites include; ‘I need to eat an apple, it will knock it out’, ‘the apple that you sent in was too soft, it won’t knock it out’, ‘I need to hold the tooth with something to get a better grip’, ‘I could tie something around the tooth and yank’, and ‘maybe Daddy will help me pull it out’.

Just when I thought we were going to hear that Woo could tie a string around the tooth and a doorknob, it happened.

photo (2)

I am certain that no one was happier to see an end to all that wiggling than Woo’s teacher, likely because Woo’s desk is right beside the teacher’s desk.  Little does he know that Woo did not offer the tooth up to the tooth fairy tonight.  He’s a big fan of the necklace, wants to keep the tooth in it, and maybe start wearing it to school every day.  If I don’t let him do that, he is proud to report that he has two more loose teeth now.

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