Wordless wednesday – at the car show

Car Show

Car Show

Car Show

Car Show

Car Show

Car Show

Car Show

Car Show

Car Show

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Dear Woo:

Today you are nine! I have loved to watch you grow and develop this year, and see the awesome person that you have become. You are very happy and loving, always eager to join in with your sister in play, or your dad and I with cooking or projects around the house. You continue to excel in school, and enjoy learning in math, science, social studies, and English the most. Math is your favourite subject, a fact that surprises neither your dad, nor I. We both love it too. It’s neat to watch you learn, and I love that I get to hang out in your class one day a week to do just that!

You still love to play hockey, and this year you played as both a skater and a goalie. Your season had some wonderful highs, and some difficult lows, but you played with a great group of friends (including your sister!) and that helped you to stay grounded and keep having fun. This past summer you fell fully in love with golf, having found the perfect course to learn on when we stayed with your Grandma in Meaford. You played many rounds in the time we were there, and shot par on a few holes! You also started to take Jiu Jitsu, and are really enjoying the challenge it brings.

This year was all about the HOT CAR for you. Overnight, you went from knowing nothing about cars to needing to know everything. You not only want to know the specs, you wanted to know the history and the mechanics of each car, so you set out to learn as much as you could about all the “hot” cars. From looking at recess with your friends, to research on the internet and in libraries, and hangning out in dealerships, you have become quite the expert. You have an amazing ability to identify the model and year of many a car, and I now know more about McLarens, Porsches, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and more than I ever thought I would!

I look forward to seeing what the next year brings for you!

Happy Birthday to my favourite little guy!


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