The last couple of weeks have been a bit of an eye opener for me as the mom of two lils in kindergarten. For the majority of the school year, I thought that I was doing pretty well. The lils made it to school most days before the bell, they are often overly prepared for the weather, and I hadn’t yet forgotten to include their lunches OR water bottles. Sure, I likely drive them more often then I should, and I have forgotten to call the school once or twice when one of them is sick, but all in all it’s not been too bad.

There has been a subtle shift of late, and I think that things are starting to slide. It started when I forgot to buy splash pants for Goose, and then didn’t find any for weeks. It started getting warm, and overly prepared for the weather morphed into sending the poor girl in her snowsuit up until mid-April, when the temperature was well above freezing and she was over-heating. Then the lils started competing to see who could reach me for hugs at the end of the day. The “winner” got their hug first, and the loser, well, lost it. The tears, the yelling, the crying, have become a daily occurrence. Their teachers look at me, confused as I am as to what is happening. Then I sent Goose to school in a dress that clearly needed something worn underneath it. It was a knit dress, and their were holes in the pattern. I thought that she was fine with nothing underneath, but I was so wrong, and those holes looked so large as she ran around the playground at pick-up.

I have been able to volunteer a few days a month in the lils’ classroom. It is great to see the them interacting with their peers, to get to know their classmates, and to help the teachers out a little bit. I like it, I know that the teachers appreciate it, and all of the lils seem to have fun when a parent comes in. Sadly, the last few visits I have made have ended with one or both of my lils behaving really badly. They don’t listen, disrupt the lessons, and try to get their classmates to follow them in their mischievous ways. The teachers know it is for my benefit, the lils have been warned that they can’t keep it up or there will be consequences, yet it continues. When Willy picked the lils up from school one night recently, he was told that I should not come in the next day, as it becomes too disruptive for all. The consequences they were warned of.

I’ll be allowed to come back in next month, but until then, I’ve been suspended from kindergarten.

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Woo talking. Goose, “Hey! I was about to talk and Woo started talking first. That’s interrupting!

Me, “There was no kale in today’s veggie basket.”
Woo, “What???? Why not!?  Can you go get some now?!” (addict much?)

Goose accidentally pulls the curtain rod down in her room, at bedtime. She still has a blind, so I figure she will be fine. When I leave the room and turn the lights out she says, “Hey! Why is it so bright in here? I can’t sleep when it is this bright out!

Tucking Woo in to bed one night, “Your breath smells like wine.” (that might have been a valid compliant)

One night this week the lils were presented with a nice steak, usually a family favourite in our mostly vegetarian house.  Goose took one look and cried, “But we haven’t had KD in a million days!

Each night I call the lils to supper, reminding them to use soap.  Tonight Goose refused, angrily complaining, “I don’t need to use SOAP to wash my hands.

When his milk was about to be poured into the same plain, low profile, bottom heavy, hard to spill glass that he uses every night, Woo cried out, “WAIT! I can’t drink my milk unless it’s in a fancy glass…

Walking to school last week, Goose asked what the date was.  I told her, and she exclaimed, “AWW, I don’t have any APRIL underwear!”  The people who were jogging by at this exact moment found this to be particularly amusing.




Wordless wednesday – rock stars!

Elevated Stage

Goose doesn't need a mic


Good times

Rock On!

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I woke at the crack of dawn this morning, even though I had been up way past my bedtime.  As I crept past the lils bedrooms, I glanced in to see their sleeping faces lit up by the sun’s first rays.  They weren’t awake, but I knew I didn’t have long, so I couldn’t linger.  Lunches were made, clothes set aside, a really quick shower, lil faces kissed, and I was out the door. Time for me to go to work.

My return to work has been gradual over the last few months. I did nothing for the first three months that we were home; then I started teaching an online section of a course for a local post-secondary institution, and finally started working part-time from home in early March. It’s very part time, but it is a huge adjustment for me, bigger than I thought it would be.

I have noticed in the last few weeks that I have started to juggle, and that my juggling skills are not what they used to be.  Those balls are starting to fall, and some of them even rolling away.  Last week’s ball was the menu plan; we had pasta for dinner four days and ordered in at least one night.  This week I have played shuffle the appointment: move the dentist to get the car in for service, move the car appointment for the lils assembly at school, rejoice when someone else cancels so that I have time to do the work I need to do.  I just need to find the right balance between what I want to do, and what I can do.

Finding that balance is important, as working is important to me.  I love the agency that I work for, and the work that we do.  Having others to chat with stops me from talking to myself every so often, and business meetings that lead to lunches with old colleagues and friends are tonnes of fun. Most of all, I want to find that balance as I like using my brain again, even if it is just part time.  Last night’s late marking and this morning’s missed walk to school are part of finding that balance. It’s elusive, but I’ll get there.

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Wordless wednesday – Hog’s back falls

DSC05714 DSC05546 DSC05569 DSC05623 DSC05670 DSC05691 DSC05695DSC05480

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Still in the bubble

As the afternoon went on yesterday, I went about my routine as I always do.  I wanted the lils to see normal, even though I was not feeling it on the inside.  They didn’t need to know that I was upset, so I fed them their snack and talked about their day as I prepped the veggies for our stir fry.  I listened to the radio, because we always do, but I discretely turned it off to “hear them” every time the news came on.  They didn’t need to know what was going on.

There are terrible things that happen in the world every day, and I gloss over them too.  It was just a little harder yesterday. The bombs that were set off at the finish line for the Boston Marathon were a terrible thing; impossible to avoid, to hide because of the event, the location that was attacked.   The lils aren’t ready, I rationalized.

It was the cancellation of last night’s hockey game that forced me to tell them a bit about what happened.  They knew that there was to be a game, were hoping to be allowed to watch a few minutes of the first, or be called out of bed to see a goal for the Sens if they scored.  They would realize that something was up when there was no game, and would want to know more.  As I told them that there were some explosions in Boston, and that the game was cancelled to ensure that everyone was safe, I kept thinking that this was a silly reason to be telling them about this, that they would want to know more. In the end, they were disappointed about the game, but had no real questions about anything else.  Thankfully they had one more day where they were still in that safe little bubble where all is good in the world, and their biggest worry is that they have to wait a day to do something they enjoy.  It’s days like yesterday that I want to crawl inside that bubble with them.

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Wordless Wednesday – bowling










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Drawing my line

My sister has a nack for finding things that should not be offered up on Freecyle.  My favourite was the time that she found someone offering a thong (because who doesn’t want someone else’s buttfloss), but I can’t find the link to that post.  She has also found people offering toothbrushes, what was essentially a bomb, and a random assortment of other gross stuff.  Most of it makes me laugh, but also shudder.

I was a little taken aback when she sent me email about a freecycle post that she had found this week.  It was for bras – six of them – and they were in my size.  I hesitated a few minutes before responding to her, as I wasn’t sure if this was another post that could become blog fodder; bras are undergarments, after all.  The fact that my size is notoriously hard to find, and that the woman posting them claimed that three of them were brand new with tags won me over.

I emailed the poster and let her know I would take them. My theory was that worst case was I was getting three brand new bras that I knew would fit; for free.  Bras are expensive! The woman responded and she was lovely, explaining that she had only worn them a couple of times, but her size had changed and they didn’t work for her anymore.  We confirmed details, and I picked up them all up.  When I looked at them at home, I realized that the only thing that differentiated them at all was the tags on three of them.  I ripped those tags off and threw them all in the wash, where they mingled.  I have no idea whether the bra that I am wearing is brand new or not, and I am ok with that.  Guess I know where I draw the line.



Bedtime confusion

Willy and I have been together for the better part of fifteen years, so you would think that we would have figured out the business of sleeping in the same bed. My shocking confession from the fall aside, it would appear that we still have a few issues to work through. I always thought that the “we” who would be working through these issues referred Willy, but something happened this week that has made me reconsider.

The crux of the issue is that Willy is a hot sleeper, and I am a cold sleeper. He likes to cover himself in sixteen layers in a warm cocoon, I like to be covered by one layer and have my arms and feet hanging out. Given that he is a bed hog, I sometimes get sucked into the cocoon, and escape by invoking the seven bars rule, which refers to the fact that there are fourteen vertical bars in the headboard and he needs to keep his warmth on his side, his seven bars. It’s a silly little thing that rarely works, but always makes us laugh.

We’ve spent most of the winter with two duvets on the bed, but as the weather has gotten ever so slightly warmer, I find that I need to sleep under just one layer; the thinner of the two duvets. It means that I fold one duvet over to his side, and bunch up the sheet in the middle. This was working out pretty well until Willy got into bed the other night and started adjusting the bed covers. I was just drifting off to sleep when next thing I knew, he grabbed a hold of my underpants and YANKED. I yelped at the wedgie, and he apologized profusely, stating that he thought he’d grabbed the sheets.

Great. He confuses my underpants with bed sheets.

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Wordless wednesday – trip to Kitchissippi Brewery


Out with the old


Random coil

Inside the mash tun


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