Gnarly at nine!

Dear Goose:

Today you are nine. When I was looking for a word to use in the title of this letter, I wanted a word that worked with your age, but I needed a word that describes you. Gnarly works so well. You are gnarly – you’re excellent, wonderful, cool, superb, marvelous… and you have also embraced your gnarly California side. You love the beach, the ocean, the sun, and the pool. You have become the quintessential California girl at heart.

You continued to thrive this year, even though you weren’t always sure that California was the right place for you. You have a great group of friends, a passion for adventure, a love of the sports that drive you, and a desire to keep learning every day. School is still your happy place. Even though you grumble about going some mornings, you are doing so well. I can’t wait to see where your love of math and science takes you.

This year was the year that you got fierce. You are fierce and driven when you run, moving to the front of the pack and leaving your mom in the dust. You are fierce and focussed when you spar, especially with opponents who challenge you. It shows in how your sparring has evolved. It thrills me to see you so devoted to your Karate and your running, to watch you improve with all your hard work and dedication.

As much as you are my mini-me, this year has also shown us how you are so like your dad as well. I love that you think like him, that you see the world like I do, that you share his sense of humour (even the bathroom humour). I think that you have taken the best qualities from each of us, and packaged them up in one dynamic girl.

Happy birthday, my sweet girl! All my love,

A year of Goose
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