We took the lils to a Kids in the Capital get together at Starr gymnastics this weekend. We were sure that it would be a winner, as they go to classes at the Starr near our house on a weekly basis. We got there and they were both quite excited. It was a surprise for them, and it went over very well.

As the play part of the gathering started, they were split into separate groups based on age, much like they are at our Starr. Goose went off with Willy, Woo stayed with the older kids and I started to walk around and take pictures. When I got closer to Woo’s group, I noticed that he was looking upset. He was still trying to go through the routines, but was clearly unhappy. Then he saw me, and broke into tears.

I was sitting on the ground at this point, and opened my arms for him to run into. He cried for a minute, and settled into me. I was confused and asked what was wrong. I never imagined that he would be upset here. “It’s too loud here,” he explained, “the teachers keep yelling and it scares me”. My heart burst.

He’s our little boy, but has always been so big. I forget sometimes that he gets scared and needs his mommy. He was so vulnerable in that moment, something I rarely see from my lil boy. The instructors weren’t doing anything that I would have thought was threatening; they were just competing with the noise in the space, and making themselves heard. It was happy and exuberant, just too much for Woo.

He spent the rest of the party hanging out in Goose’s group, or following me around as I talked to friends and took a few more pictures. He did have a great time and even ventured back with the big kids group a couple of times. He returned to me every time the instructors talked though.

We ended the day with some snacks and time to talk to new friends. He really did enjoy himself, as was evidenced by his happy mood and singing as we were packing up. Ironically, he was singing at the top of his voice. It was very loud!!

Here he is, clearly having some fun:

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Wordless Wednesday – Gymtastic!




Climbing wall

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Last week, I officially moved past the halfway mark of my 365! It kind of snuck up on me, as I have been lax in uploading pictures for the last few weeks entire time, so I lost track of where I was at. The halfway picture was actually taken before I realized where I was at, and I didn’t get a chance to plan a special shot. I am ok with that, as that is how almost all of my pictures in the 365 have come to be.

I wasn’t quite sure how far that I would get when I started this project. Despite the fact that you get to set your own rules, it is an intimidating task. My rules were simple: Take pictures every day. Pick the best/favourite/most significant and post it. Don’t cheat! I was worried that I would miss a day, or that it would be a chore to take pictures. I haven’t and it isn’t! This project has allowed me to rediscover just how much I love taking pictures, and has left me with some (what I think to be) fabulous shots.

It has also really made me want to take better pictures.  I took a class at a local photography school, and it gave me some helpful tips.  In December, I bought a new camera and LOTS of great new bright lenses. They motivate me to try new things, and take pictures when I previously was limited.  My new camera is FABULOUS, and I can’t wait until the weather is better and I get to take pictures outside for long periods of time.

The last month or so has been a challenge for me, but I have kept on going.  The times when I would sneak outside and take pictures for fifteen minutes are not as convenient as they were in the summer and fall.  The dark has been my biggest enemy, followed shortly by the cold days.  I like the cold, but my hands don’t like being out in it for too long.  It’s been close a couple of days, but I haven’t missed a day.  The latest that I took my first shot of the day was 11:50pm!!  It’s still a fun challenge, so that keeps me going.

Some of my recent favourites:


Midnight wanderer



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And done.

On Sunday night I did something that I never thought I would do. I finished the six-week one hundred push-up program. Even though didn’t do 100 consecutive push-ups, I am pretty pleased with what I did accomplish over the last six seven and a half weeks. My last work out of the program consisted of 252 push-ups over nine sets, including one that was 60 consecutive push-ups! I’m damn proud of that :)

The website itself doesn’t expect that every person will be able to do 100 push-ups in one set, and I didn’t think that I would even come close to doing 100 in any number of sets. Looking at the program, I thought that week three was going to kill me, and that would be the end of the push-ups for me forever. I never actually expected to enjoy this process. I never thought that I would be selling it to people as I have been.

So now, I have to figure out a way to keep it up. I am pretty pleased with the muscles that I have gained, I officially have pipes! My arms don’t jiggle at all any more, and my abs are actually starting to have some definition again. My current plan is to keep up the three a week workouts, and aim to do five sets of twenty-five on those days. My only lament is that I didn’t work up the courage to try this sooner!



Meeting new people

I went out for drinks this week with some friends. We had a lovely time, chatting and laughing, enjoying each other’s company. It was a much-needed break for me after a hard day and I left feeling very refreshed. As I left though, I had a fleeting thought that my parents would not have approved of this!

It’s not the fun that they would object too, although there was many a day when I was certain that my mom’s main role in life was to ensure that I didn’t have fun. It was the fact that I had met four of these people online. Two of them I had never met before that night. The girlfriend that I went with? She had never met any of them.

Prior to last summer, I would have never guessed that I would have done this. That was before I really started using twitter, started reading so many local blogs, and writing this blog. Through these experiences, I got to know most of the people who I have met, and felt completely comfortable in going. I now have another thought, one that I am not sure how to reconcile. How am I going to explain this to my children when the time comes?  ”It’s OK for Mommy, but not for you?”  Thankfully I have time to think it through.

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Post up at Kids in the Capital today

I cook a lot with my lil peeps, and today I have a post up at Kids in the Capital with one of our favourite easy pasta recipes.

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Wordless Wednesday – Night Wandering

Base of the maple tree

Snowy pines

On the deck

Christmas tree

Snowy night



Towards Independence

There are times when I am astounded by how quickly the lils grow up. Some days I see every little change and difference in them, including apparent over night growth spurts. Other times I find myself realizing that they have new tricks, and have seemingly been up to them for weeks. Willy and I frequently have conversations that centre around statements like “did you know that Woo/Goose can now…” Over the last week or so I have noticed a few of these changes, and am starting to put them together.

Goose has progressed from a little girl who wore diapers to a big girl who goes to the bathroom all by herself, telling me “I don’t need you, Mommy”, as she goes. This has happened in the last month. Sure she has the occasional problem getting her pants down or she gets tangled up in them and makes a mess, but it is progress. When she makes those messes, she even tries to clean them by herself!

This week Woo has become a skating machine. He has always been keen, and enjoyed his time on the ice. We got him on cheese cutters when he was not yet two, and moved him to skates last year. He loved it, but was somewhat tentative. He used a chair to shuffle around the ice, but didn’t understand why he wasn’t moving as easily as he did on the cheese cutters. This week, he moved from the chair to shuffling on his own! The boy can skate! He now begs to skate everyday – and gets to whenever we can take him.

I think that the best part is that they are also moving to independence together. When they go down to the playroom in the basement, they no longer fight over who gets to turn on the lights at the bottom of the stairs. They have just figured out that only Woo can reach the lights at the top of the stairs, so he gets those, and Goose gets the ones that she can reach at the bottom. They used to fight over silly things like who gets which milk glass, but now they agree on which glass for the current meal, and plan to trade for the next. When they play together in their rooms, Goose will ask Woo to read a book to her, and he DOES.

How long before they get their own breakfast on saturday morning?

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Setting a good example

Right before I got pregnant with Woo, I was in the best shape of my life. This also meant the lowest weight that I have been as an adult, but most importantly, I was in shape. Fit, healthy, and happy for it. It’s gone downhill since then. The children are not to blame for this, but they have been a convenient excuse.

“A week til the baby is due, then the baby is late, I’ll just lie on the couch and eat bonbons while I wait. For two weeks. And gain FIFTEEN pounds.”

“I’ll exercise when I feel better/recover”

“I’ll exercise when he sleeps through the night”

“I’m pregnant again, I’ll exercise when the baby is born”

“I’ll exercise when she sleeps through the night”

“I’ll exercise when I sleep through the night”

You get the picture. The thing is that I am out of excuses. So I recently started getting some exercise. I’ve started the 100 push-ups challenge (just finished week five!), do sit-ups every time I turn the computer on, and am making good friends with my elliptical again. In the first few weeks of this year, I think I have worked out more times than I did in the last four years. I have no idea if I have lost any weight in the last few weeks, but I feel great.

The neat thing is that the lils have noticed. I have started doing the push-ups and sit-ups with them around, and they now mimic me all the time. Today I learned that Goose can count to twenty, because she was doing a set of “sit-ups”, just like mommy. They also love to watch me on the elliptical, choose music for me to work out too, and like to get on with me. This is part of my cooldown now, although I am pretty sure that adding a 38 or 45 pound weight is not the best way to cooldown. They think it is hysterical though, and frequently ask when we can exercise again.

I have noted that I need to set a better example in one other facet of the workout regime that we have created together, and that is my music selection. It needs to be cleaned up because of the language in some stuff. Wearing my iPod doesn’t help, as apparently I like to sing out loud.



Post up at Kids in the Capital today!

I have a post up at Kids in the Capital today, talking about our new lunchtime favourite, the cheese train! It’s what we had for lunch today, in fact!

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