Too soon

As someone who has struggled with my weight and body image my entire adult life, I have always wanted to steer the lils on a path that would promote a healthy lifestyle, including balanced eating. I wanted to give them the tools so that they might not have to experience the same cycles. Willy and I try to be positive role models, both in what we eat and what we do.

I know that they are interested. They love to watch us play sports, encourage us to play with them as much as we encourage them, and have a lifestyle that is far from sedentary. Both love to cook, and have always had a place beside me in the kitchen, watching what goes into their food and asking why some things are good for them and others are not. They can appreciate a balanced meal and know that a treat is just that, a treat.

I was quite surprised yesterday when Goose came up to me and said “maybe if I don’t eat lunch, my tummy will be smaller.” I recovered and talked about how her tummy was just fine the way it is and that we need to eat throughout the day to fuel our bodies. She seemed to accept it and hasn’t said anything since. Who knows how this will go moving forward.

I am at a loss as to where this is coming from. We never talk about her body, other than to stress that it is her personal space. She is not exposed to negative media images, given that she doesn’t watch TV/listen to the radio or have access to magazines that portray the idea figure as one that resembles Barbie. Hell, she doesn`t even own a Barbie. I assume that it was a comment that was made innocently, by someone who didn’t know the potential ramifications, but isn’t that how this always starts. I just know I wasn’t ready for this.

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  • Claudia Petrilli says:


    Best of luck, my friend!

    • Lilbunnyrabbitz says:

      Thanks! I think I’ll need it…

      • Claudia Petrilli says:

        Yeah, it’s not easy for us mothers to raise kids with a healthy outlook on their bodies given the self-destructive culture we live in.

        I’m not sure I’m getting my point across but boy am I happy (and lucky) my daughter came up good. I’m sure your daughter will as well (she has a good role model) but it is an uphill battle

  • Donna says:

    For what it’s worth, I think you handled it well. I can’t remember the age of your daughter but this way of thinking is so insidious, isn’t it? Breaks my heart.

    • Lilbunnyrabbitz says:

      Thank you… I agree, the thinking is crazy. Goose is three. It makes me sad that she even thought it….

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