Wordless Wednesday – Beach Vacation




The family that cruises together

Fire ball in the sky

One foot, two foot

Last night

Sea Turtle

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  • smothemrother says:

    after reading your past few posts and looking at your photos i started looking into goin to the maldives. ;)

    (i have to put in a boggus email to be able to comment on wordpress blogs now. i can’t remember my password and haven’t been able to get them to send me one for months. hence the radio silence on all of the wordpress blogs i read.) >(

    • Lilbunnyrabbitz says:

      Ugh, frustrating!! Maldives were really that great. You aren’t the first person who has added them to the travel list this week ;)

  • Wow – gorgeous photos! Just found you through the Blissdom Newbies group. See you there!

  • Sara says:

    Love the shot of Goose and the turtle. Looks like a heavenly place to be!!

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