Wordless Wednesday – Praying Mantises

What are you looking at?

I have an itch


The pose

Baby mantis

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    • Sasha says:

      And did I mention, wow? I keep wanting to say I like one particular one best, then I change my mind. Each one has something about it…

  • Sasha says:

    Ok, so this officially qualifies as comment-bombing. But in my own defence, I’m taking a moment to put all my thoughts on each photo into a single comment:

    #1 Love the depth of focus. Also makes a good first look, like opening a book.

    #2 I look at this, and hear him either saying “Wha?” or a funny robot-y questioning noise (think R2D2)

    #3 I love lthe lines. The way the V of the antennae echos the veins of the leaf, and again the echos in the back of the mantis, and in the relative positions of the leaves, and the position of the mantis relative to the leaf it’s on.

    #4 The one begs a “depressories” caption. Something about banging your head against a wall.

    #5 Eerie. Otherworldly. #thatisall

  • smothermother says:

    gorgeous! love the siluette. and the 4th one looks like she is kneeling in prayer. just before she eats her mate! lol

  • Willy says:

    Wow! You really outdid yourself there. I’m loving all the textures you’re bringing out there, and the silhouette is very, very nice. It’s almost like the mantis was posing for you !

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