When it comes to hockey, sleep is overrated


One of the hardest things for me personally, was giving up my Senators tickets for the year that we planned to live in India.  I LOVE hockey.  Always have, always will.  When Willy and I started dating, he barely had hockey on the radar, so I made him start watching with me. I wasn’t sure if I could be with someone who didn’t like hockey.  Happily, he took a shine to it, cheers for the same teams that I do and even started playing.  We have passed our love of hockey on to the lils, who are very happy to play hockey all day long if given the chance.  Though they get to play road hockey here every day, just yesterday they were talking about skating and playing hockey on ice next winter.  We all miss it.

There were two things that made me think that I could survive this drought. The first is that I made Willy PROMISE that I would be able to watch the games while we were here*.  Thankfully NHL’s Centre Ice package is now available in Asia, so this took a mere three months to set up. The lils and I have really loved having the hockey in the morning, when we can catch most of the third period. They actually get to see the conclusion of the games, and I start my day with hockey.  The second thing was that this was a rebuilding year for the Sens, so the hockey wasn’t going to be all that great…

Fast forward six months and Senators hockey is still going, when all but Woo (who predicted a Sens Stanley Cup in October) thought that we would be finished.  We’re pretty excited to still have hockey, and I have taken to getting up at 4:30AM to catch the start of the games.  Woo has been joining me for the third period, and we are loving it.  The problem with getting up at 4:30 to watch hockey games is that you are pretty tired most of the time between games.  My driver caught me in a particularly yawn-y moment and asked why I was so tired.  He knows all about our love of hockey, so I explained about it being the PLAYOFFS, and how this was my favourite part of the hockey season. He thought for a moment and asked “have you considered watching cricket?”

Cricket is something that I have wanted to learn about, but haven’t really gotten caught up in. I explained this to him, and he just smiled and said “well, it starts at 7:00… PM!”  I almost think he might be on to something. Almost.


*this was actually a deal breaker for me.  This and the no cockroaches rule – and we all know how that ended up – http://lilbunnyrabbitz.com/2012/03/26/my-defenses-are-down/

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  • I was wondering if you were watching! Yay for NHL Centre Ice!

  • Sara says:

    Well now I know who to tweet when I’m up at all hours with hip pain and insomnia ;)

  • Amy says:

    I will never forget trying to make it through the school day after watching the Olympic hockey from Nagano. Stupid time difference.

  • Roshan says:

    I’m depending on watching the highlights on Youtube. If the Sens keep going I might consider getting up early and watching games live through that link u sent me. Sens fan all the way.
    As for cricket, I’m bored by it. I grew up in Kuwait and football has always been my main sport. I tried getting into cricket because it is big here in India but….I’d rather watch paint dry!!

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