The dew nut tree

We are quite happy that the lils have great imaginations.  They keep themselves entertained on long flights, long waits for toys to arrive from home, and many a long drive in and around Bangalore and beyond.  They also keep up entertained, which is an added bonus.

About a month after we moved here, I began to hear the lils talk about a number of new things, one of them being dew nuts.  I didn’t really ask, as I figured that they were either imaginary or a passing fad. They kept talking about them, and I got more curious, but they were never around when I asked.  Then one day Woo and Goose were making a concoction with odds and sods that they found in the park, and they called it “dew nut soup”.  I asked for some, mostly so I could see what it was.  They served my portion, and the main ingredient was this:
Dew nut

None of us knew where they came from, they were just lying on the ground.  They seemed to be pretty common, as they were in a few spots in the park, and near our house.

A few weeks ago I was admiring the beautiful flowering tree in our front yard:
Sunny day, bright flowers

Pretty purple flowers

When I looked passed the flowers and saw DEW NUTS!
Look past the flowers

Look past the flowers

Now we know where they come from, and the lils are excited to have a seemingly endless supply, to cook with, break apart and examine, and “feed” to the neighbourhood bugs and cats.  I still don’t know what they are called, but I am happy with my pretty tree and the joy it brings us all, for different reasons.

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