Where does your food come from?

The littles and I were having dinner tonight, and a perfectly innocent request to have Woo finish his milk turned into an amusing conversation about where our meat comes from.  We have always been very upfront about where food comes from, so I am pretty used to questions that seek to confirm where our food comes from.

We have these cute glasses that have animals on them.  Tonight Woo was using one with a pig on it for his milk.  At one point he studied the glass for a few minutes and then said, “Do you know why there is a pig on this glass?  Because pigs give us milk.”

“Pigs give us bacon, ham, and pork,” I said, “but cows give us milk.”

There was another moment of quiet reflection, then he asked, “From a DEAD pig?  Why does this pig give us a dead pig so we can get bacon, ham or pork??”

I am still giggling at picturing this cute little pig on the glass presenting us with a dead pig and asking which meat we wanted. My laughter might have encouraged my little comedian. He provided the answer to his next question, about which animal gives us french fries.  The “potato animal”, of course!

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