Time for some cinnamon soup

Last summer Woo went through a finicky phase, right around this point in the summer.  The gardens were bursting with fresh produce (ok, ours was occasionally producing a tomato, bean, or leaf of lettuce), and Woo decided that decided that he would not eat vegetables. Not even our staple ingredient, tomatoes.  It was time to get creative with new recipes and my hand blender.  The nights we failed outnumbered the successes, so we rejoiced in the successes.

Zucchini is one of the vegetables that we were consuming in vast quantities.  This suited me, as I could eat grilled zucchini every day. The rest of the family needed a bit of variety in the presentation.  I was very excited to find a recipe for pureed zucchini soup.  It was simple and flavourful, and a hit with Willy and Woo.

The challenge was that I had to sell it to Woo.  It was pretty obvious that it was a vegetable soup.  The secret wasn’t the ricotta that was dolloped on top, the pesto drizzle, or the fresh bread for dipping.   It was the secret ingredient in the soup.  Cinnamon, of course.  The little man loved it, and as soon as I called the dish cinnamon soup he was sold. We ate a lot of cinnamon soup last night, all of us grinning at the knowledge that we had put one over on each other.

Tonight we had cinnamon soup again. Goose has been fighting her veggies of late, but LOVES cinnamon…

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