The dishwasher

There are few things that Willy and I consistently have disagreements over.  One of these things is the dishwasher.  The fights are generally not over the same thing, but you can bet that there is always something we are disagreeing over.  The squabbles usually centre around what can and can’t be put in the machine, where to but things so they actually get clean, and how you need to rinse for the super efficient cycle, unless you are running it right away… We have each won our share of these little disagreements, and there is always a clearly established best way in the end.

The latest is the wine glasses.  We have some of the stemless Riedel glasses, and for the most part, love them.  They aren’t tippy, they don’t have pesky stems to snap, and the wine doesn’t actually get warmer faster from being held in your hand.  This last fact might be because the wine is never in the glass for long…  They are also dishwasher friendly, which means that we don’t have several wineglasses precariously balanced in the drying rack most days.

I recently started noticing that the glasses weren’t coming clean and mentioned it to Willy. He started to move them around in the machine, but they never got clean.  We “talked” and decided they just weren’t coming clean in the dishwasher, and Willy agreed that the best way was to hand wash them, yet the next morning they were in the machine.  So we “talked” again and reached the same conclusion.  The next morning one had been hand washed, and one was in the dishwasher.  More talking and more agreement that they needed to be hand washed.

This morning I found the same dirty wine glass in the dishwasher. Maybe I need to start cursing about this!



Wordless wednesday – signs of spring



I hate it when this happens.

“Just go work out, you’ll have more energy and feel better.  Trust me”

If I had a nickel for every time that Willy told me that…  He says it if I am down or stressed and always when I am just feeling like a lump.  My usual response it to curse at him and go on with what I am doing, claiming that I am just fine, thank you very much. Here’s the thing.  He’s right.

I have recently made a bunch of changes to improve my overall health.  I shut down at 11:00pm now (most nights), and curl up with a book until I fall asleep.  I am eating better, and tracking what I eat in an effort to achieve a healthier weight and more balanced diet.   My hours were cut at work, in an effort to save my agency some money, but added benefit is that it gives me more me time, and more family time.  I also resigned from a volunteer position that I have held for the last three years for the same personal reasons.

The biggest difference, however, is that I have fallen in love with my elliptical again.  Willy is right, I feel better when I exercise. Like race home from work so I can fit a work out in before I make dinner, skip lounging around the house or having a soak in the tub so I can work out good.  It’s crazy how quickly you can fall back into a routine, and need to keep up with it.  I see this as the start of some good balance in my life.  Even if it means admitting when I am wrong.  Even if it means admitting that I am wrong.




My 365 has been chugging along very slowly of late. I still take daily of pictures, but I am missing something.   I thought it was the early nights, and cold weather, but it would appear that is not the case. Days are getting warmer, time has changed, and I still don’t take pictures that I am happy with, and that gets me down.

It used to be that I would sit at the computer every couple of days and try to narrow down the picture that I would use for each day.  It wasn’t an easy task, and I often called upon Willy to help me decide on “the one” for each day. I don’t remember the last time that happened.  It seems that I now look at the pictures again and again, to try to decide if any of them are for posting, or forcing one to be worthy.

I’ve tried to ignore my camera, but I truly love to take pictures, so that is not working.  Staging shots hasn’t been working, neither have my tried and true tips that I save for inspiration.  Looking at the work of other photographers that I love just discourages me a little bit more, so I don’t linger on their stuff these days.  In the end I keep going and won’t give up, but I need to figure out how to get back on track.  This shouldn’t be a chore.


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