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About eighteen months ago Willy started travelling A LOT.  He’d be gone on a trip pretty much every second week.  Some were long, some were a series of one night trips that he may or may not come home in between.  Most of the trips were within North America, but it was hard travel nonetheless.

The lils and I got into our routines.  Willy was home most weekends, so enough that Woo and Goose missed him, but they didn’t MISS him.  The transitions were the hardest, so I actually preferred the longer trips, and we didn’t even tell the lils when he went on some of the day trips – he’d just have an early meeting, followed by working late.  Still, they knew.  Transitions are hard, and it was reflected in their behaviour.

This spring brought new challenges.  Instead of random trips every second week, Willy was asked to go on a short assignment to California.  We talked it over and it seemed possible.  He’d be gone for three months, but could come home as often as he needed. As three months stretched into five months, possible gave way to challenging. Life was a flurry of sports, meals, school, camps, and complaints.  Most of the complaints were from me.

About two months ago we were presented with a possible solution. It was approved this week, and will become real for me when we fly to San Jose on Sunday to find a house for our family to live in for the next two years!  We’ll be back in a couple of years, but are moving to sunny California, really soon!

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  • Cindy W says:

    I’m glad that there’s finally a clear plan for your family. I’m incredibly sad for us, but know you’ll be around and will bring back wine. Xox

  • Berly says:

    House cleaning party!

  • Sarah says:

    We will come see you in March :) . Will be there for a wedding

  • BeachMama says:

    I will miss you, but I do look forward to visiting you!! xo

  • Margaret says:

    Wishing you all the best on your new adventure. I know how hard it is when Daddy is travelling a lot. Routines do go on but it is the family time that is missing.Wise mmove!

  • oh wow. That’s really cool. Have lots of fun! Hopefully, by the time you go back to Ottawa I’ll be back as well

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