Dear Goose:

This morning I woke up to the excited shuffle of little feet. It was dark, so I pulled back the covers and invited you in for a cuddle. We lay in the dark and you told me how excited you were – too excited to sleep, in fact. It was understandable. Today you turned seven, there was a big day ahead. As I sang happy birthday to you, you settled down and drifted off to sleep, letting me reflect on the year that had passed.

This past year was one of immense growth for you. While you have always been full of life and laughter with your friends and family, you have often been quite shy and reserved in large groups and unfamiliar places. This has changed, especially over the last six months. You carry yourself with confidence, making yourself heard, and more and more often, standing up for those who aren’t heard. I have been immensely proud of this transformation. It was never more apparent than the day you saved a little girl from drowning in June!!!

School continues to be a happy place, and you love to learn. Having the same teacher this year as last seems to have pushed you to work a little harder, and try things that once would have been “too hard”. It’s fun to see what you learn, and to have you teach me a few things!

You still love to play hockey, and seem to have found your place with this year’s team. Playing “D” is where you want to be most games, but I think that has a lot to do with the fact that your best friend and big brother is the goalie. Karate has become a new passion in your life. It is so fun to watch you progress through your belts, getting stronger, jumping higher, and kicking faster at each class.

Happy Birthday, sweet girl!! I can’t wait to watch you grow this year!

All my love,

a year with Goose

Help Santa Toy Parade

Winter fun

Tucked in.




At the splash pad

On guard

Goose in the barn

BTS 2015

Yellow belt!

First Tournament

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  • Margaret says:

    Just beautiful. Your children are so lucky you are their post amazing journals. What a legacy for your children.

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