Better late than never…

I wrote this on Woo’s birthday, but his bday was a Wednesday, went wordless and planned to post it the next day.  But then we all got sick and sicker… sorry it’s so late, little man!!

Dear Woo:

Today you are eight years old!  With each year that passes, you grow into a more amazing person.  You continue to bring happiness to the world around you (save for when you are tormenting your little sister)! Quick to smile and laugh, there is still always a question to be asked, and something new to discover.  I love that you have begun to do magic, prank, and tell jokes, and am especially pleased when you snort when you laugh.

Sometimes I look at you and wonder who this responsible boy before me is.  You have really matured in the last year, and take pride in being a member of this family, working with us, and helping us whenever you can.  Your serious side comes out here, and when you commit to getting something done, you fully immerse yourself in it. This includes the many science and culinary experiments that you conduct in my kitchen…  If only we could figure out how to get you to tackle your homework with the same intensity!

Over the last year you continued to play the sport that you love the most, hockey.  Playing novice and moving to goalie has been a great experience for you, teaching you about the highs of winning and the lows of losing. You’ve handled it well, even though some of the lessons have been hard.  Biking became your summer sport, and I love to watch you and your dad go off on your long adventures together.  Reading is still your absolute favourite activity, but this year, chess took a close second.  You dedicated yourself to learning how to improve your play, and that hard work paid off, with you landing a spot on the school’s chess team AND beating your mama

Happy birthday, my little man. I’m so proud of you!


a year of Woo
Sugar Shack 2014


Happy boy


Photowalkingwith my boy <3 #mo365

Happy Summer People

Back to School

My handsome boy in the late day sun. #mo365

Trent is up for re-election to the community association. Woo is turning to voter intimidation... #mo365

Hallowe'en 2014

Goalie school


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