Going incognito

When our family travels, we tend to just blend into the background.  If we ever get noticed, it is generally because of our super cute lils (as was often the case in India), or how unbelievably pale we, as a family, are.  Almost every trip down south has us explaining that this IS a tan for any member of our family, and in my case, it most certainly counts as a tan when all of my freckles connect together. For the most part, though, we tend to be just another series of faces in the crowd. 

It is almost never Willy who attracts any sort of attention.  There was that one time in Jamaica, when I am sure that the airport authorities suspected that he was a drug dealer, given the looks that he was getting in the airport.  In the end, I was the one that attracted the attention on that trip, as my luggage was searched three times before we were allowed to leave.  I guess they just assumed that the long-haired hippie was using me as his drug mule!

He was quite surprised on our trip last week, when one of the employees at the hotel let him know that another guest was certain that he was a movie star!  He laughed and denied it, then thought nothing of it.  He didn’t even mention it to me; he was so sure that it was a joke.  Then, on our last day at the resort, he was walking on the beach and someone came up to him and said “Hello, Mr. Movie Star.” Willy and I had a good laugh over this, and are quite stumped as to who people thought he was, looking like this:


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  • BeachMama says:

    That is too fun!! You should have just played with it and tried to find out who they were thinking he was. I only see Willy in this photo so I can’t figure it out, but I am sure it made for a fun addition to your vacation!

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