Math IS hard

When I started my current 365, I vowed that I would be better.  I didn’t mean that I would take better pictures, that the subjects of my pictures would be more interesting, or that I would really change the way that I approached the 365.  What I meant was that I would be better at posting the pictures that I took in a timely manner.  No more falling weeks behind for this gal.

Four months in, and I can say that I have failed miserably at this vow.  Instead of falling days and weeks behind, I regularly find myself over a month behind. It’s gotten to the point where it has started to stress me out. Sure, I have been faithfully taking photos daily, and quite often have selected “the” photo for the day, but when I don’t upload them I start to worry that I somehow missed a day, or deleted a picture that I wanted to keep, and I worry.

Last night I decided to face the task head on, and upload at least some of the fifty or so pictures that had not made it to Flickr yet.  I had fun looking through last seven weeks or so as I was uploading, so I decided to review some of the older photos of the collection. In doing this, I noticed that there was an error in my count, and that I had accidentally marked two shots as number eighty-five.  Grumbling to myself, I went and edited the descriptions on fifty pictures, the bulk of which I had just uploaded and incorrectly captioned.

With that task done, I decided to move them all into the set (or album) that I had created when I started the project; a set that was also way out of date. It was then that I noticed that there were too many pictures in the set.  I had uploaded to day 135, but the set contained 136.  Now annoyed that I had made yet another error, I went to the beginning to check all of the descriptions. I had just corrected the most recent shots, so I was confident that the error must be in the earlier uploads. They were all correct and sequential, so I checked to the end and found no error. That was impossible, so I checked again with the same result.  Confused, I counted all of the thumbnails in the set and still had one fewer picture than what Flickr was telling me.

I started this post ready to tell the world that Flickr can’t count either, but something made me check just one more time.  I found my error pretty quickly tonight.  I bet this would not happen if I uploaded daily…


UPDATE – it turns out that Flickr CANNOT add, either.


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