Why not today?

Over the last few days, I have noticed that the bunnies, new and old, have become very active in my neighbourhood.  We see at least one every time that we are outside, but most often there are two or three at a time, munching on clover or playing in the dandelions.  I’ve been wanting snap some shots of them, but it seems that I am either without my camera or with Goose, who likes to chase the bunnies to make them hop. 

As I stepped outside tonight, a bunny ran by me and down the side of the house. I followed, and it turned out that there were three baby bunnies running around in the back yard, so I waiting until they got comfortable with me in their space. The bunnies kept getting closer (one even stepped on my foot!), so I took out my phone, and snapped a few shots with my phone while they played.

I wasn’t entirely happy with the pictures, so I went inside and got my camera.  It’s something that I have been doing more and more lately, grabbing my camera and going out looking for pictures.  Actively taking pictures that aren’t from an event, or because someone asked me to document something, or I needed to record a milestone. Pictures for fun, pictures for me.  I have been toying with starting a 365 again too.  This seemed like a good day to start.

Spring cleaning

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