Woo talking. Goose, “Hey! I was about to talk and Woo started talking first. That’s interrupting!

Me, “There was no kale in today’s veggie basket.”
Woo, “What???? Why not!?  Can you go get some now?!” (addict much?)

Goose accidentally pulls the curtain rod down in her room, at bedtime. She still has a blind, so I figure she will be fine. When I leave the room and turn the lights out she says, “Hey! Why is it so bright in here? I can’t sleep when it is this bright out!

Tucking Woo in to bed one night, “Your breath smells like wine.” (that might have been a valid compliant)

One night this week the lils were presented with a nice steak, usually a family favourite in our mostly vegetarian house.  Goose took one look and cried, “But we haven’t had KD in a million days!

Each night I call the lils to supper, reminding them to use soap.  Tonight Goose refused, angrily complaining, “I don’t need to use SOAP to wash my hands.

When his milk was about to be poured into the same plain, low profile, bottom heavy, hard to spill glass that he uses every night, Woo cried out, “WAIT! I can’t drink my milk unless it’s in a fancy glass…

Walking to school last week, Goose asked what the date was.  I told her, and she exclaimed, “AWW, I don’t have any APRIL underwear!”  The people who were jogging by at this exact moment found this to be particularly amusing.


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  • smothemrother says:

    we get the million days complaint all the time!

    the april underwear made me laugh out loud too.

  • Sasha says:

    We should start a group tumblr with this stuff.

    PS. I don’t have any April underwear either. Think it’s too late?

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