Still in the bubble

As the afternoon went on yesterday, I went about my routine as I always do.  I wanted the lils to see normal, even though I was not feeling it on the inside.  They didn’t need to know that I was upset, so I fed them their snack and talked about their day as I prepped the veggies for our stir fry.  I listened to the radio, because we always do, but I discretely turned it off to “hear them” every time the news came on.  They didn’t need to know what was going on.

There are terrible things that happen in the world every day, and I gloss over them too.  It was just a little harder yesterday. The bombs that were set off at the finish line for the Boston Marathon were a terrible thing; impossible to avoid, to hide because of the event, the location that was attacked.   The lils aren’t ready, I rationalized.

It was the cancellation of last night’s hockey game that forced me to tell them a bit about what happened.  They knew that there was to be a game, were hoping to be allowed to watch a few minutes of the first, or be called out of bed to see a goal for the Sens if they scored.  They would realize that something was up when there was no game, and would want to know more.  As I told them that there were some explosions in Boston, and that the game was cancelled to ensure that everyone was safe, I kept thinking that this was a silly reason to be telling them about this, that they would want to know more. In the end, they were disappointed about the game, but had no real questions about anything else.  Thankfully they had one more day where they were still in that safe little bubble where all is good in the world, and their biggest worry is that they have to wait a day to do something they enjoy.  It’s days like yesterday that I want to crawl inside that bubble with them.

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