Drawing my line

My sister has a nack for finding things that should not be offered up on Freecyle.  My favourite was the time that she found someone offering a thong (because who doesn’t want someone else’s buttfloss), but I can’t find the link to that post.  She has also found people offering toothbrushes, what was essentially a bomb, and a random assortment of other gross stuff.  Most of it makes me laugh, but also shudder.

I was a little taken aback when she sent me email about a freecycle post that she had found this week.  It was for bras – six of them – and they were in my size.  I hesitated a few minutes before responding to her, as I wasn’t sure if this was another post that could become blog fodder; bras are undergarments, after all.  The fact that my size is notoriously hard to find, and that the woman posting them claimed that three of them were brand new with tags won me over.

I emailed the poster and let her know I would take them. My theory was that worst case was I was getting three brand new bras that I knew would fit; for free.  Bras are expensive! The woman responded and she was lovely, explaining that she had only worn them a couple of times, but her size had changed and they didn’t work for her anymore.  We confirmed details, and I picked up them all up.  When I looked at them at home, I realized that the only thing that differentiated them at all was the tags on three of them.  I ripped those tags off and threw them all in the wash, where they mingled.  I have no idea whether the bra that I am wearing is brand new or not, and I am ok with that.  Guess I know where I draw the line.

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  • smothemrother says:

    score! bras are ridiculously expensive and my size is really hard to find as well. hm, never thought freecycle would be where i could find them though.

  • sassymonkey says:

    You don’t know want to know how much money I spent on bras when I was in Toronto for Blissdom Canada last October. I can find them in my size in Ottawa (well, usually) but a brand I like actually opened a storefront in Toronto and I think I bought darned near every bra in my size that fit properly.

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