A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about my selfish behaviour surrounding my husband’s upcoming surgery.  What I neglected to include in that post (after two lil people, you just forget to say things sometimes), was that the surgery has been scheduled for about six weeks later, in early May. It was a date that Willy could live with, a date that assuaged my guilt a little.  It was also a date that let us think about heading out of town for a very short, adults only trip to Chicago for Wine Spectator’s Grand Tour event in early May, a trip that might not have been possible had he had the surgery been this week.

If we could pull it together, this trip would be the first time that we have left the lils for a fun, just us trip. Sure, we have left them with my siblings on two other occasions, but neither of those trips were for fun at all.  So we started to look at dates and costs, to talk about how long we could go and what we could do and see.  We started to dream. Making those plans concrete was the first item on my list for this week, seeing as it is the first time that Willy and I will be in the same country for more than a couple of days in a row this month.

Just before I left to walk the lils to school this AM, I saw a post-it on the table with Woo’s dental surgeon’s name and a phone number written on it.  One of his molars never descended, so he needs to have it extracted before it messes up his jaw and adult teeth.  It has started to bother him lately, so we are all looking forward to having the surgery (and recovery) behind us.  We were told to expect a call the week before the surgery, so I figured I would be getting pre-op instructions in the call. I called them back and was surprised to hear that the surgery had been moved to May 3rd, a full month later than planned.

I could hear the air go out of that Chicago balloon when I realized that the May 3rd was the date that we were to leave for Chicago.  Selfish me half-heartedly asked if there was a date the following week that he could have instead, even though I knew I would not make him wait even longer if there was a date available.  She let me know that it could be months if we waited, so I confirmed the date and let Willy know that we wouldn’t be going to Chicago this time.  Then it dawned on me.  Woo’s surgery is on the third.  Willy’s surgery is on the sixth.  That week is going to be all kinds of fun… Well played karma, that one selfish moment is going to come back to bite me.

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  • allison says:

    I so don’t agree that you were being selfish. So I would have to advance the theory that this is less ‘karma’ than ‘shit happens’. Condolences anyway.

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