It changed me

It’s funny how sometimes the little things sneak up on you. I knew when we moved to India that my life view would change as a result of the move. It had to. I’d lived in Ottawa my entire life, never straying more than fifteen kilometres from the house that I grew up in. In a lot of ways, I was the definition of sheltered.

My world in Bangalore was different on every level from what I have here. I am still, months after we have returned home, trying to process our time there. There were some absolutely fabulous highs, but there were also some lows that led to much soul searching. I am not sure if I will ever be able to articulate how I have changed, or if I really need to.

Still, I tend to notice the little things more and more. One of those little things caught me by surprise the other day. I was in the bathroom when a bit of movement in the tub caught my eye. I glanced in and saw it. The dreaded centipede. I have always been more than a little afraid of these creepy crawlers, because well they are damn creepy, and they crawl so fast! In the past, I would have run screaming calmly excited the room and gotten Willy to deal with the beast, but this time I just grabbed a tissue and squished the ugly beast. Twice, for good measure. Then I raced out of the bathroom to proudly tell Willy of my amazing kill.

Either I grew up just a wee bit in India, or our bugs have nothing on their bugs…

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