I don’t do chain letters

We have all gotten them.  Back in the day, they came by postal mail, and asked that you write out the letter and send it to some random number of people to either ensure world peace, or prevent eternal damnation.  Sometimes there was a list of people that HAD participated, and you were supposed to add your name to the bottom when you sent out your copies.  I never forwarded any of them on, which likely explains why there are still wars in the world and the fact that I am going to hell.  Still, I don’t forward the emails that these letters eventually became, and I can’t be bothered to update my status with whatever is going around to raise awareness for various causes.  I am clearly going to hell.

As we were getting the lils ready for bed tonight, our doorbell rang.  It was odd because it never gets rung, unless we are expecting guests; and the front of our house was completely dark.  I was reading to Goose, but curious enough to answer it. When I flipped on the light and opened the door I saw no one.  Kids, I thought, and was about to close the door when I looked down and saw a brown paper bag on the edge of the porch.  I reached for it, then hesitated, as you never know what is in a brown paper bag that is left, in the dark, on your porch, about a week before Hallowe’en.  I sniffed and noted that it was not flaming, so I picked it up and brought it inside.

Once I was inside, I noticed that “Happy Hallowe’en” had been written on the bag.

I turned it over and saw this (you can read it if you enlarge the picture).

The Coles notes version of the text is that the bag is filled with candy.  The recipient is supposed to keep the candy, but fill five more bags, drop them on their neighbours porches and dash before being seen – they are “ghost” deliveries of candy.  My heart sunk a little as I ready this.  A chain letter.  A Hallowe’en chain letter that comes with candy.  I love Hallowe’en, I really do, but I can’t do this, because I hate chain letters.  Not everyone loves holidays that I love, not everyone shares the same beliefs, not everyone believes that a letter will bring world peace.  There is no obvious agenda  here and no goal other than sharing a little candy, but deep down, it is still a chain letter.

I’ll eat the candy though.

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  • Deb says:

    We love “ghosting”! or “booing” as our neighbourhood is calling it this year. But we only have to do 2 houses, not 5 – that’s a bit excessive! There are a tonne of kids in our little area and between walking the dog and Monkey being a social butterfly, we’ve met the majority of our neighbours. It really is a lot of fun for the little ones – Monkey had a great time being a ghost the past two years :)

  • Neeroc says:

    Oh I love booing! Thanks for the reminder, I totally meant to do that this year.

  • Kimberly says:

    So in addition to giving out treats on Halloween there is now a sense of obligation to do more? Just seems wrong to me.

  • I never heard of it before! Also, I don’t do chain letters.

  • Lynn says:

    Ugh, I hate chain letters too. I’ve heard of this custom and am dreading the day it hits our street. I’ve never heard of five houses being requested before, as well – it’s escalating!

    I got your back on this one.

  • Tamara says:

    I’m feeling pretty confident that I won’t be booed, now or ever. Another perk of the country. Unfortuntely no trick-or-treaters, that I don’t mind. No excuse to buy candy I don’t need. :)

  • smothemrother says:

    i’m with you on this. i would do the exact same.

  • Finola says:

    I’m on the spoilsport side…where I usually am. I don’t like chain letters, and I also don’t like taking candy from strangers. I know that the two times we were ghosted this year it was safe and fine, but still. Oh, and then there is always the allergy concerns to boot. No thanks!

  • allison says:

    Nah, this is right up there with ‘please repost this sappy overwrought drivel and if you don’t I’ll know you’re not really my friend’ for me. Not gonna happen.

  • I *HATE* chain letters too. I hate the sense of obligation they create. I like Secret Santa or Booing *IF* you sign up to participate ahead of time and *IF* you pass along to one person, not multiples. How do you feel about the blog awards that are essentially chain letters? Those drive me crazy! I keep getting them and I ignore them. I know they’re meant as a compliment, and I also know that I’m ignoring a chance to get new blog traffic, but I just can’t support the concept. I don’t want my blog littered with Sunshine, Liebster, and whatever other award is going around that particular day.

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