Snap Happy

The lils have grown up with at least one camera jammed in their faces on a regular basis, and although they have recently developed and aversion to having their picture taken, they are still delighted to see the results.  They would spend hours just watching the images on my computer scroll in a slideshow if I let them, and frequently ask to see the pictures that I have taken at a specific time, or on a recent trip.

Woo received a “toy” camera for Christmas when he was two. He loved to take pictures with it, but we often failed to download the pictures before the battery died. When Woo was almost four, we gave him his first “real” camera.  It was my old digital point and shoot, which lay mostly unused; save for when I was going diving (I have an underwater housing for it).  He was delighted, a became a very serious photographer:
Lil photog

The camera moved to India with us, but sadly, it was the first casualty of the marble floors in our house.  He was doing some self-portraits, and in the rush to get in front of the lens before the timer went off, tripped over the tripod legs.  The camera landed on the lens, and it was toast.  Woo was crushed.  Willy and I secretly hatched a plan to buy a replacement on eBay and have it delivered to Ottawa for our visit this past May.  He was still keenly interested, and frequently directed me to take pictures of this or composed the shots that I NEEDED to take.

Under careful supervision, Willy started letting Woo use his DSLR in the spring.  He seemed to like it very much, even though he was not used to needing to put his eye to the viewfinder to see the shot.  They occasionally went on photowalks in the neighbourhood, but he was happiest to take pictures of his sister.  His interest died down when he got the replacement camera, as he could use it all the time.  His usage of Willy`s camera was heavily supervised.

A few weeks ago we went to Mysore, and Goose decided that SHE wanted to take pictures now too, and Willy`s camera and then his cellphone camera became hot commodities (I don`t share). The camera strap had to be modified for Goose`s tiny frame, but she too began wandering around, snapping like mad.

Yes, there were lots of shots of the ground, but they each took some pretty cute shots!

Goose’s Shots

I had to crouch to get in the frame :)

Working on focussing on the subject

Woo in front of the temple

Woo’s Shots

Hiding from the sun

This is what happens when you try to take a picture of Woo now!

Our driver, Subbu, was very amused by the two lil paparazzi

Talking a picture of me, as I took the picture of him above

I am so looking forward to fostering this in both lils!

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  • This is fantastic! Did you know there are flickr groups specifically for sharing photos taken by lils? I found out when I was posting the photos my 4-year-old niece took earlier this summer with my Canon DSLR.

  • The lils look like naturals behind the camera.

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