Let chaos reign

Let chaos reign

I pride myself on being an organized person.  I make lists for everything and they are what keep us together, with everything that we need, everywhere we go.  This move from India to Canada is likely the one instance where I need to be most organized, to ensure that we are always moving forward, despite the multiple curveballs that get thrown at us.  Sadly, the opposite is true.

I have no idea what I am doing five minutes from now, let alone tomorrow or the rest of the week. I have a list of all our possessions, but that is pretty much the extent of the packing and purging and organizing I have done. We don’t even have plane tickets yet, let alone have we figured out what we are going to do in the twelve hours between when we give up our house and get on a plane at 2:30 in the morning.  I am starting to crack.

This weekend brought a triple-play of unexpectedness, when we had to go to the hospital/doctor for Woo, Goose, AND Willy. Willy and Goose would have been OK without the visit, but Woo woke up with a raging sore throat and fever, so we headed in.  The damage was tonsillitis for Woo, bronchitis for Goose, and a suspicious mole that had been bothering Willy removed and sent to biopsy.  All relatively minor in the grand scheme of things, just enough to push the collective crank and my stress level through the roof.  Now, on top of all the things that I am worrying about not knowing that I am worried about, I have to figure out who gets what medicine when, five different meds spread over three people (OK, I did make a chart for this one).

What I really need to do is sit down and start that list.  It boils down to me needing to get the house in order and run a few extra errands, yet the task is so daunting at this point.  Willy is doing all the heavy lifting, interacting with the absurd Indian banks, our landlord who is less than helpful or responsive to our needs, and a myriad of other tedious little tasks that crop up while he is attempting to do his day job and be here for the lils. I am busy, and getting things done, but I fear that not having prioritized them is going to come back to bite me, and I will regret the little things like the ninety minute trip to the mall today where I failed to get the things that I am not sure we REALLY need when I am running in circles in the coming days.  So I am going to crack open my list book before I lose my mind.  Right after I open a bottle of wine.

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  • Breath. And open that bottle. It’s not like you can take it with you!!

    Sending healing and worry-free vibes to India. xoxo

  • Hoping you are able to keep it all under control during your final countdown.

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