Tiny nibbles

There are people that are ticklish, people that are really ticklish, and then there are people like me, whose entire body is ticklish. I’ve been like this since I was a little girl, and no amount of tickling has desensitized me. I even have trouble at the dentist, as the inside of my mouth is ticklish, which makes the polishing part of a simple cleaning pure torture! It greatly amuses the staff in my dentist’s office, who are happy to have a patient who giggles rather than groans.

Anyone who has been to a pedicure with me knows just how bad the bottoms of my feet are. I often start out by assuring the esthetician that I will not kick them. Then, as the poor esthetician scrubs, I laugh, snort, cry, and writhe around, trying to keep some semblance of normalcy. I fail miserably, and often embarrass my friends. For me, the end result makes it worthwhile, but I have had several friends tell me that they will never accompany me to another pedi…

Given these facts, I was still intrigued when my friend Heather mentioned that she had gone for a “fish pedicure” with her husband and daughter before they left Bangalore. I knew I had to try it. She provided me with the information, and Willy and I went this past Saturday.

They start you off by washing your feet…

You are then brought to a bench in front of an aquarium filled with tiny fish, instructed to sit down and immerse your feet. Willy went first, and the fish moved in…

I then sat beside him and took the plunge. It was so incredibly weird. All of a sudden, hundreds of little fish attached themselves to my legs and started sucking. Well, they tell you it is sucking, but it sure felt like some of them were taking nibbles!

It was way worse than I thought it would be. It felt like there were twenty hands tickling my feet. The fish didn’t stay attached for long, as I kept shaking them off to get a break. In addition to the laughter and the snorting, I squealed. I squealed so loudly that I was SHUSHED because I was disturbing the massage clients!! Trying not to squeal then made it even harder, and more entertaining for Willy. When our ten minutes were up, Willy reported that he quite enjoyed it, while I was just relieved. I was glad that we went, but I think that I will make that my one and only fish pedicure. I am just glad that I hadn’t signed us up for MORE time!

In Bangalore and looking to try it out? I do recommend it for the experience, we went to Kenko, in the Phoenix Market City mall.

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  • Roshan says:

    I don’t know if I’d want to do that. I normally nibble on fish, don’t know how I’d like if they nibbled me back. But I am ticklish too – I’m most ticklish on my knees! Weird I know but true.

  • So, the fish are essentially eating away all the yucky dead skin that would normally be scraped off with sandpaper and/or pumice? I can’t decide if that grosses me out or not.
    Either way, it sounds totally cool, and I think I’d try it out at least once.

  • Sara says:

    I think I would need to try it even though the thought of nibbling fish makes me twitch in anticipation!

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