I will spoil your fun too

Apparently I am that mom. The one that sucks all of the fun out of life for the lils. I make them clean their hands before eating, tidy up after they have played, have a quiet time in the afternoon when no other kid in the world does! and I don’t let them pick through their food and ditch the vegetables or watch more than a smidge of TV. For the most part they barely notice these evil things that I do and make them do, but some days they let me know loudly and clearly how unfair I am.

It became apparent to me this week that it is not just their fun that I spoil.

The older girls who were rude to my lils by not saying hi to them and giggling and pointing at them? I let them know that that was not nice. My lils were trying to be friendly and make friends. I thought these girls needed to know that you don’t have to be rude to someone just because you don’t want to be their friend. It’s an important life skill. It wasn`t the first time that this scene had played out, and I didn`t want my lils or those girls to think it was OK. I stopped their giggles and fun.

The bigger kids that were hogging the free merry-go-round in the park this weekend? I told them to get off, so the much younger children, who were waiting patiently through multiple rides, could have a turn. When they told me that they wouldn’t get off and were “saving” the spot for some other friend who was not present, I just helped the small children into the saved seat, then asked my own two to get off so more lils could have a turn. It made them all wait an¬†eternity¬†of the three minute ride before they could hop on again.

The bigger girl that was forcing the smaller girls off the monkey bars in the park was told to stop. Her nanny wasn’t doing anything, and she was intimidating the little girls who were having a good time. They were getting nervous, and I didn’t want them to fall. She left shortly after I told her.

The worst offence of the week happened yesterday. The lils had the neighbours over and were playing upstairs. Well, our guests were playing, and my two were at war with each other. There were screams and punches, pinches and names called. I spent the better part of an hour giving time outs, and finally a warning that their friends would have to leave if it persisted. The lils weren’t having fun, our neighbours could not have been having fun, and I wasn’t getting supper made. They acted out a few more times, and I let neighbours know it was time to go home. This was apparently the end of the world as we know it. There were tears, yells and attempts to barricade the door, but I got them home and the lils seperated. They were quiet and sullen for a long time after this, and I was called the meanest mom ever.

I also make Willy do the dishes when all he wants to do is read or play a game. I might be getting grumpier in my old age.

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  • Kimberly says:

    You’re my hero. I miss you.

  • Chantal says:

    you are THAT mom, and I love you for it! :)

  • Sara says:

    We totally need to hang out when you get back. We’ll have the playgrounds in shape in no time ;)

  • allison says:

    You’re not the boss of me! :)

    I make my kids practice piano every single day. Well, when I remember. Can you remind me tomorrow?

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