Day Trippin’

When Uncle Carpet was here to visit us last week a few weeks ago in early December, we didn’t really have much planned. He was our first guest, and we weren’t sure of what he wanted, so we didn’t make assumptions. All we really planned was to eat a lot of great food, and let him decide the rest. Turned out that he wanted a mix of down time and some exploring. He and I hung around Bangalore when Willy and the lils were away at work/school, but after a few days of that, we decided we needed to see more. A day trip seemed to fit the bill, so we started planning.

We’d heard that Mysore was doable in a day, and lined things up to go. Our driver let us know that it should take 3-3.5 hours from our place, and with that in mind, we set off early. Unfortunately the traffic also started off early that Friday, and we were slow leaving the city because of it. Then Goose got carsick for the first time ever, about 90 minutes into the trip, and that slowed us down some too. When we finally got main on the road to Mysore, we’d been in the car for two and a half hours, and had travelled just under fifty¬†kilometres!! The last ninety-five kilometres flew by after that, and we arrived after four and a half hours.

We had a bite to eat, and hit the zoo. It was the perfect zoo for the lils. Lots of shade, and all of their favourite animals to see! Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! There were also many snakes, giraffes, elephants, monkeys, and other creatures to amuse. Most amusing for the adults were the signs, which showed many bad fence hoppers being gored on maimed, and then arrested for breaking the rules! The biggest attraction at the zoo seemed to be the lils, who were literally mobbed every time they stopped moving. We were lucky to have Uncle Carpet, who was equally unique, given that he is a giant, so he deflected some of the spotlight. By allowing the lils to hide behind him.

Zoo highlights
Hello there


Wise one

Following the zoo, we headed to Mysore palace, the only other sight that we had on our list of “must see” places while we were there. It too, did not disappoint. We were too late in the day to actually get into the palace, but the majestic grounds themselves were worth the trip. Wonderfully ornate gates, sculptures, beautiful temples, and the massive and beautiful palace itself.

Time to go




We wandered around for as long as they would let us, and then headed on the long road home. I know we missed much of what Mysore has to offer, and that we will be going back. This time we’ll go for a few days, tour around some more and actually go in the palace.

Hanging at the palace
Hanging at the palace

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  • allison says:

    Cool. Although to my lamentably Anglicized ears, ‘Mysore’ is a really unfortunate place name. :)

  • Sara says:

    Wow the palace looks amazing! Love the shot of the giraffe too :)

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