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We were driving along yesterday and Woo and Goose were talking about their futures.  We’ve known for a while that they had decided who they were going to  marry, as they have told us on numerous occasions.  When we lived in Ottawa they were in a wonderful daycare with four other friends.  Woo and Goose paired every one off, so that Woo’s best friend C would marry L, Goose would marry L’s brother R, and Woo would marry his other best friend A.

I am not sure if any of the other lils were made aware of these plans, but I know that A is on board.  She and Woo played the marriage game often, and apparently made some preliminary plans.  Both independently told their parents that the wedding would take place at the Museum of Nature in Ottawa. It’s not surprising, given that it is Woo’s favourite place.  

It appears that the distance has not put a damper Woo’s affections.  I am not sure if A has been kept in the loop, but Woo has apparently had some time to make more plans.  He made me aware of those plans on this drive.  It seems that he and A will live in the country, and raise sheep.  The sheep will be protected from the wolves with a bow and arrow.  Woo is going to work as a carpenter, and while he is working, A will get lamb meat for them to eat.  He is pretty sure that she is non-veg, but will ask her the next time they Skype.  They’ll have four children.  While I can’t wait to see where this goes next, I think we need to talk a little bit more about what A might want…

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  • jennerknit says:

    Let him know I have a reference for Museum when he’s ready. ;)

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