Dear Goose:

Today you are three. As I listen to you happily singing yourself to sleep in the next room, I am thinking of the year that has passed. You have continued to grow and amaze me, every day. This year brought tremendous change in your life, change you have handled so well. I am so proud of you in many ways.

You have continued to show your love for all of those near to you. You love to love, and give it so freely. A hug from you makes me feel like there is no one else as special to you in the world. My heart swells every time. You do the same for your father and brother too. This is but one way that it is wonderful to see that you and your brother are becoming such great friends, even if it means that you get into oodles of trouble together. I secretly admire the fact that you are now often the ringleader, convincing him to try your crazy ideas. You keep forging your own path and standing up for your self, but do it with kindness and care, and a little bit of your minx-like humour too.

I love to watch you learn and explore. You tackle any task with gusto, and work until you succeed. We can no longer measure the things that you can say or do, because we can’t keep up. Most days bring new skills and accomplishments, or renewed efforts to master tasks that have stumped you. I love to just watch it happen. This year you started skating, riding a bike, swimming with very little help, started school, become a world traveller, and continued to develop into a wonderful little person, running every step of the way.

I love you my amazing little girl!

One pours!
Helping with the baking

At the Iguana Pool
Testing the boundaries (she stayed within them)

Falling Down
Learning to skate

Easter12, noon (5/12)

She comes from a big family of readers

One last day
Hanging with her bud

Big Girl!
First day of school

Mastering it!
Bike rider!

Every time
Monkey faces. Guess whose idea?

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  • allison says:

    Eek! Can’t believe I thought you had two boys. I love three-year-olds. What a fun time for her to be experiencing India. Happy day of birth to both of you.

    • Lilbunnyrabbitz says:

      This makes me giggle all the time now :) Three is fun, so self sufficient yet still wanting mama love. Yes, it’s a great age! Thanks!

  • Neeroc says:

    Aw, happy birthday to Goose! V can’t wait for the party *g*

  • Capital Mom says:

    Very sweet. Happy birthday wishes.

  • Vicky says:

    Happy Birthday Goose! Your babies are beautiful.

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