Good People

Good people…

tell you they are coming to help and give you the option of picking the day

take the day off work, just to see you and help you out.

fit you in to their day, even tho it means they have to drop something else.

open with “where can I start”, and don’t blink when you direct them to the sink full of icky dishes that came out of the fridge moments before…

bring scones, fresh out of the oven. That come with jam and clotted cream, because that is how it’s done.

or they come bearing freshly baked chocolate, disguised as muffins. With a side of latte for good measure.

drop by to pick something up and see that there is lots to do, so they offer to help. Even though they have a toddler in tow.

don’t blink when you say “There are sixteen library books in this house somewhere. Please find them”. They just find them. Well, they find fifteen of them, and that last bugger was really well hidden.

pack the toys that need to come with, and tidy the ones that don’t.

leave for an appointment, noting that they will be back as soon as they can be. And they are.

rake up cold and wet leaves and plants without blinking an eye.

eat the dregs from the freezer for lunch, even if it is billed as “somewhat sketchy”

do the really crappy and dirty outside jobs with no complaint, even though they are neglecting their own yards.

stay all day long, never once complain, and continue to ask what is next.


They got me back on track today, and saved what is left of my sanity. I can’t believe how much we accomplished in such a short period of time. I am so very lucky to have such good people as great friends.


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