Is that a gecko I spy?

There have been more than a few surprises since we moved to India. Some of them have been most pleasant and well received, others have not. If you had asked me a month ago how I would feel about having at least one gecko move in to our new house with us, I assure you THAT surprise would have fallen under not well received. That isn’t how it unfolded…

The climate in Bangalore is pretty much perfect. Hot, but not humid, and sunny every day. We don’t often run the air conditioners in the bedrooms, but I’ve gotten in the habit of running up in the late afternoon to make sure that the rooms aren’t too warm for the lils to sleep in. I was doing this last Monday when I was distracted by something moving on the wall near Goose’s closet. It was a little brown gecko with black eyes! We both stopped and considered each other for a minute. I didn’t freak out, but decided that I needed to get her out of the house, so I looked down to find a bucket or something to put her in. When I looked up, she was GONE.

I looked all around, but could find no trace of her. The windows were shut, so her only real out was the wall mounted air conditioner. Right around this time the lils came home. In a split second, I decided not to say anything, as I wasn’t sure how they would react. She was in Goose’s room, and ants freak her out some days. In truth, I forgot all about her until bedtime, when I returned to Goose’s room, and there, on the same wall, was a gecko. It looked smaller this time, so I called Willy over and let him see. We agreed that this was best between us.

Later that night I learned much about geckos, most of it from my friends on Twitter and Facebook. I was surprised to learn how many people I knew are experienced in geckos. Apparently once they move in, they are hard to get out, they poop all over the place, cats barf them up after they eat them, and they eat all sorts of bugs, including mosquitoes and cockroaches (neither of which I want in my house). This was enough to convince me that maybe a gecko or two wasn’t a bad thing. I also received some practical tips on how one goes about catching and dispatching a gecko, and learned that the chuck-chuck-chuck sound that I hear night and day is made by geckos!

The next day, I saw her again, and again wasn’t sure if this was the same gecko or another. Regardless of how many, the lils hadn’t seen them, so we were still good. I started to see the same one lurking in the shadows when I was putting Goose down for nap, and was convinced that we only had one tenant. She seemed to enjoy watching us, unseen unless you knew where to look.


The next morning I crept into Goosie’s room for a cuddle. She was already awake, and peering at the wall in the just dawn light. “Momma,” she said, “there’s something on my wall. Do you think it’s a gecko?? It is a GECKO!!” much excitement ensued, causing the gecko to shuffle off to the air conditioner. Goose took particular delight in the fact that she could see her tail sticking out.


The next several days were spent with both lils making frequent checks for the gecko. They were delighted when she was there, and several times expressed pleasure that she was watching over them. They decided one day that she needed a name. Goose was quick to suggest that she be named N, after our super-awesome daycare provider at home. This was high praise for the lil gecko, as N is very loved, and very much missed by all of us. The lils now went looking for N. I think it was a comfort to both of them. I hope that gecko knew it had big shoes to fill!

Then two nights ago the lils noticed that N had ventured downstairs, and was hanging out near the entry way. We were excited to see her out, and left her be as we went out for a walk. When we returned, she was even closer to the front door. Thinking that she might just want out, we decided that it was time to try and evict her. We warned the lils that she might not come back, but that it was better off for her outside. They were surprisingly OK with it. After several failed attempts to get her in a container, we opened the door and guided her out. She was gone.


There has been no reappearance of N in the house, but the lils keep looking. They aren’t sad, they just like to see her. Tonight they got their wish, as N and a smaller gecko were hanging out on our back patio. The lils were very excited to see that N came back, and decided that the second gecko must be one of her children, they just couldn’t agree on which one. I’m glad that N is here with us in India. I just hope that she doesn’t mind that she’s been projected into a gecko!!


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  • Claudia says:

    Believe it or not, I kinda like Geckos. Don’t like it so much when they leave the tail behind, though. Seeing that tail jump all around used to freak me up a bit when I was little

  • Sasha says:

    COOL! I loved the geckos in Thailand. Mind you, I never had to share a habitat with one, that *may* have changed my opinion :)

  • Chantal says:

    so sweet. When I lived in the Caribbean as a child we had those in our house. I loved them too. I wonder what my mom thought?

  • Lara says:

    That’s a sweet story and a great memory! :)

  • Tanya says:

    Very cute! :)

  • Kathy says:

    I’m glad N has become a welcomed visitor.. the two geckos that watch over me stay outside on the window of the family room and come around about dinner time and leave at bedtime. When i go away, they do too – I was gone for a week and I don’t think they know I’m back again – or else they’ve gone further south for the winter as it’s started to cool off here!

    • Lilbunnyrabbitz says:

      Me too, actually. It is very sweet how a lil gecko has kept the real N present for the lils. I hope that your geckos come back to you soon :) That is very sweet how they hang out with you.

  • Neeroc says:

    Those are some cute geckos

  • N says:

    That is too cute! I truly am touched and glad that I had the pleasure to care for them.

    • Lilbunnyrabbitz says:

      N, I am glad that you are happy! We miss you very much, and this brings you here, in a small way! The lils are already planning their visits to you in the spring when we are home for a visit!!

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