Damned plateau

I have spent most of my adult life at an unhealthy weight. This is mostly due to my love of all things savoury and my affinity for wine. I have always been aware of this fact, and at times attempted to rectify it. I have only really been successful once, when I lost about fifty-five pounds in 2004. It was relatively easy for me at the time, as I was an active person, a fit fat person as it was. I maintained my decent level of activity, which included a 5km one way walk to work, and made some small changes. These included altering my eating habits, logging what I ate, and following the food guide. The weight came off with little effort and stayed off fairly easily.

Then I got pregnant. Pregnancy itself is not to blame for my regaining the weight, actually did very well and had only gained about 35 lbs when I went on mat leave a week before Woo was due. Sadly, Woo was in no hurry to join us, and I spent the next three weeks laying on the couch watching TV and eating bonbons. When I went for my check up the day before my induction, the doc didn’t believe my weight and had me step on the scales a second time to verify that I had indeed gained fifteen pounds in the three weeks that I was waiting!! Not recommended.

I lost some of the weight after Woo, but got pregnant with Goose when he was nine months old. Again I didn’t gain a tonne of weight, but fast forward two years, and I found myself about fifty pounds heavier than my ideal weight. So I tried what had worked in the past, and quickly lost some weight, but I was not really committed or trying to change my now sedentary ways and some of them crept back. In February I made a commitment to change my lifestyle too. Not just for me and my health, but for the lils. I want set a good example for them, and it is working. I’ve stuck with it, and am loving it for the most part!

My body and my metabolism, however, are starting to piss me off a little. I have been SO committed. I workout at least five days a week, I watch what I eat, eat metabolism boosting foods, and I stick to a balanced but reduced calorie diet. It’s actually been very easy, and I feel great. It’s just the dreaded scale. It just hasn’t friggin budged in 5 weeks. Minor variations in half a pound, but nothing else. It appears to be fixated or broken or something and I just do not understand. So I whine. Willy has been telling me that it’s all about conversion to muscle and that my body will catch up, yada yada yada. I feel good, and AM more muscular… still. I wasn’t giving up, but I was pretty damn discouraged. I kept with my routine, despite the frustrations. Then a couple of days ago I stepped on the scales. I’d lost four and half pounds over the previous week. Plateau BUSTED! I wonder why I even bother with the scale, and haven’t stepped on it since!



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