A peek at Easter

As I did with Thanksgiving and Christmas last year, I chronicled Easter Sunday in the Hutch in twelve photos, taken roughly on the hour. This fun challenge is thanks to Missfish, from www.quietfish.com/notebook/. I have to say that I love this hourly documentation of our day. It makes me stop and get a slice of the day throughout the day, not just at the traditional high-points, like egg hunting or big meals.  Without the challenge, I likely would not have captured some of the moments below.

Easter12, 8:00 am
After the big hunt, the lils opened there gifts from Willy and I. They books were their favourites!

Easter12, 9:00am (2/12)
Fast forward an hour, Goose has eaten breakfast and a few eggs, and is right back into the same new book!

Easter12, 10:00am (3/12)
Most days, Goose is a little tomboy… She does love to twirl in a new dress!

Easter12, 11:00am (4/12)
Woo has a little treat after brunch. He is shirtless because that is what he does.

Easter12, noon (5/12)
I think Goose forgot about bubbles!!!

Easter12, 1:00pm (6/12)
My lil sous-chefs helping me with the dressing for pasta salad. With a side of clowning around!

Easter12, 2:00pm (7/12)
The bunny did not forget about me!

Easter12, 3:00pm (8/12)
At least one of us got a nap in!

Easter12, 4:00pm (9/12)
At my Aunt and Uncle’s place, the lils ALWAYS make a beeline for the toys. Wonderful, fabulous, old toys!

Easter12, 5:00pm (10/12)
My dad’s dad, my Poppy.

Easter12, 6:00pm (11/12)
Goose does some pretty intense puzzling.

Easter12, 7:00pm (12/12)
Heading home with a new treasure!

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  • Alicia says:

    Looks like an amazing day. I love Goose’s excitement with bubbles :)

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