We took the lils to a Kids in the Capital get together at Starr gymnastics this weekend. We were sure that it would be a winner, as they go to classes at the Starr near our house on a weekly basis. We got there and they were both quite excited. It was a surprise for them, and it went over very well.

As the play part of the gathering started, they were split into separate groups based on age, much like they are at our Starr. Goose went off with Willy, Woo stayed with the older kids and I started to walk around and take pictures. When I got closer to Woo’s group, I noticed that he was looking upset. He was still trying to go through the routines, but was clearly unhappy. Then he saw me, and broke into tears.

I was sitting on the ground at this point, and opened my arms for him to run into. He cried for a minute, and settled into me. I was confused and asked what was wrong. I never imagined that he would be upset here. “It’s too loud here,” he explained, “the teachers keep yelling and it scares me”. My heart burst.

He’s our little boy, but has always been so big. I forget sometimes that he gets scared and needs his mommy. He was so vulnerable in that moment, something I rarely see from my lil boy. The instructors weren’t doing anything that I would have thought was threatening; they were just competing with the noise in the space, and making themselves heard. It was happy and exuberant, just too much for Woo.

He spent the rest of the party hanging out in Goose’s group, or following me around as I talked to friends and took a few more pictures. He did have a great time and even ventured back with the big kids group a couple of times. He returned to me every time the instructors talked though.

We ended the day with some snacks and time to talk to new friends. He really did enjoy himself, as was evidenced by his happy mood and singing as we were packing up. Ironically, he was singing at the top of his voice. It was very loud!!

Here he is, clearly having some fun:

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  • Brie says:

    I am always amazed by what scares them. So often it isn’t what I expect.
    I’m glad he got into it by the end!

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