My Christmas 12

Andrea over at a peak inside the fishbowl hosted an hourly photo challenge on Christmas day, and I played along.  Our day was crazy hectic, my battery died halfway through, and I did not always have the camera so my photos are not exactly an hour apart, but there is one from every hour between 7:00am and 7:00pm.

1/12 Stockings (7:30 AM)
Stockings are opened

2/12 New Jersey (8:30 AM)
Then the presents

3/12 Quiet Moments (9:30 AM)
Some quite time

4/12 Breakfast (10:30 AM)

5/12 Naptime (11:30 AM)
Some of us were overwhelmed

6/12 New hat and outside fun (12:30 PM)
Some played outside

7/12 Nestled in (1:30 PM)
Some played with new toys

8/12 Caught (2:30 PM)
And some got caught working!

9/12 Kitchen helper (3:30 PM)
Lil helper bee

10/12 Is it done yet? (4:30 PM)
Cooking time!

11/12 Set (5:30 PM)
Table is set

12/12 Decisions, decisions (6:30 PM)
One last treat before bed!

Hope you all had a very merry Christmas!!

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  • neeroc says:

    Willy worked on Christmas? What is it with these guys?

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