Light at the end of the tunnel

Today is likely my last day of course development (other than revisions), as I am finished the last lesson and only need to write the exams and course outline. I am so excited to be finished and get on with living! This was supposed to be a far simpler endeavour, but life and my other work ate away far more of my carefully alloted time than I ever could have imagined. Willy has been a super amazingly supportive rock to me, especially in the last few days of crazy writing.  Even though I know he is shaking his head behind my back, silently telling himself that he could have seen this coming, that he tried to warn me. I still appreciate it!  My sis, Neeroc, has also been a big support, but I am pretty sure that she knows how much I appreciate it!!
It has been a fabulous experience, both in terms of the process, and the knowledge that I have gained. I am especially excited by the insight that I have gained into my own work, and how I can better work with my clients.  That being said, it was also somewhat of a sobering process, highlighting some of the cumulative damage I have suffered as a result of my work in a helping profession.  I am somewhat glad that I have the holidays and then hopefully a family holiday coming up to give me time to bounce back from that.
So, I sit on my couch putting the final touches on this project and I try not to look ahead.  It is so close now that I cannot help but look forward to the coming month, a month of  family – birthdays (FOUR family birthdays, including my own), Christmas visits from my in-laws and my brothers in-laws, as well as relaxing time with my in town family.  I am REALLY looking forward to starting 25 days of family Christmas this year (more on that later this week).
Then there is the carrot, the camera that I promised to buy myself at the end of this road.  I cannot wait to start shopping for that!

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