As I walked the lils to the park today, I was struck with pride for them in that moment. They were sitting in the wagon sharing a snack of raspberries, passing the container back and forth, happily taking turns eating the berries.  No fighting, no crying, no yelling, just sharing.  It was rewarding and made me feel like we are doing something right with these guys.  It continued at the park, as they played with some new friends, sharing snacks and toys with each other and the other children.

I used to think that these moments might come one day, when they were much older.  I am aware that a minute or two of being nice today does not mean that they have it figured out, or they won’t need our refereeing for the foreseeable future, so I  take them for what they are, glimpses of my two little people enjoying each other.

I’m seeing it more often these days too.  Woo is now known to spontaneously tell us that he loves Goose, or at least likes her.  He still smacks her occasionally, or pushes her down, but now he helps her up when he does.  He also tries to comfort her when she cries, as she does for him.  It is so sweet to see how concerned they get when the other is hurting, regardless of the cause.

They also help each other now, unprompted.  Woo has started to pick things up for Goose when she drops them at the table, no matter how many times she drops them.  He even feeds her on occasion, whether she wants it or not.  She, in turn, will find things for him when he loses them.  All he has to do is ask for something, and she is on a mission to find it.  This is especially handy when I can’t find his toys!

They play so nicely now, make-believe games, singing songs, and playing games.   They also read together, side by side.  Sometimes they each have their own books, but often Woo reads to Goose, telling her his interpretation of the favourite book of the day.  I think that the best thing that they do together is laugh, a crazy happy, infectious laugh, one that makes you join in, mo matter what crazy things they are doing.  It melts my heart.

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