What the hell is toila purple anyways?

Sometimes the lils say something that makes us pause and shake our heads. We don’t understand, but move on. Most of the crazy things that they say are forgotten before you can formulate a question about it. Woo has come up with something that stuck lately, and Willy and I can’t figure out what the hell it is that he is talking about.

It started with him calling Goose “toila, toila”. He’d do it several times a day, and each time she responds with an indignant, “I’m NOT toila, toila”. It went on several times a day, for a couple of weeks. He then started asking for the toila, toila song. EVERY DAY. Then he started singing it himself, and it became the “toila purple” song. He’d insist we sing it – but neither of us know the lyrics. Tonight, it became the purple toila song. He insists I know it, and must sing it at bed time. I am still mystified.

Goose has been coming up with her own games of late. My personal favourite is the one that she started when she got sick this week. She comes up to me and says “I wanna play cuddles”, and climbs into my lap and cuddles. It is the sweetest thing EVER, just melts my heart every time. We play cuddles all day long, it never gets old.

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  • neeroc says:

    Huh. A Google search of ‘toila purple’ brings up this entry. I’m thinking something is being lost in the translation.

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