This might be a little gross

After supper tonight the lils and I went outside to burn some energy.  I took some pics, and pondered what to do after bed, and if there was anything from the weekend that I wanted to write about.  Nothing struck my fancy, so I planned to just veg on the couch as we went inside to get ready for bed.

We always give the lils a few minutes to wind down when we get inside, and they were enjoying it when I heard the dreaded sound.  Cough, splat.  Yes splat.  I figured that one of them had vomited, and rushed to the family room in time to see Goose take two steps and vomit again.  I hurried her to the bathroom, where she vomited one more time – on my feet.

She is still a little monkey, and not really a puker, so was really confused by what was going on.  I got her naked and tried to tell her to face the toilet in case “it” happened again.  She took my telling her to get “it” in the toilet to mean that she needed to get in the toilet and started to climb in.  Once that was corrected and it was apparent that she wasn’t going to be sick again, she was happy to wash her hands really well.  She told me repeatedly that they were “yucky” and this made her feel better.

I took this opportunity to do a quick triage of the family room, cleaning up the bulk of the mess, and got them settled in bed.  When I headed downstairs and surveyed the damage, I found that her first vomit had landed both beside and in the toy box!  I wrestled with this one for a while – leave it for Willy?  Garbage the whole thing?  Seal it up and put it in the basement FOREVER?  Finally I decided to clean it up and got to work.

I speculated the entire time as to what had caused this – she is otherwise symptom free, and didn’t complain on any pain or discomfort.  I blamed the soup that we had for supper because I have a bit of an upset stomach (wasn’t the hour that I spent cleaning puke, really).  So I ditched the leftovers of my current favourite cinnamon soup.  I am convinced it was the soup because the broth I used expired YESTERDAY.  That’s rational, right?

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